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Technology For Kids: A Tool For Organizing And Removing Distractions

Technology is practically omnipresent. It permeates every aspect of everyday life. From the way we live, play and work lives, technology has produced a remarkable revolution which is going to continue for as long as human beings continue to progress. While some of us may not be able to fully understand the impact technology has on our lives, there are those who recognize its importance and take it upon themselves to make technology work for them and for the betterment of mankind.

Technology, specifically Information Technology has had a profound impact on the business world. How many times have you heard people describe their job as “meaningless”? I’ve heard this many times from colleagues at work. It’s sad that technology and its effects are taking away the very things that made a company or organization great in the first place-emotional intelligence, or the ability to keep track of other human emotions like compassion, trust, honesty and loyalty. In fact, as technology progresses, these emotions become more elusive.

Emotionally intelligent business leaders know how to stay organized and keep their emotions in check. An information technology leader must also be emotionally intelligent in order to use technology to its fullest effect; technology being nothing more than the organized, logical execution of processes. When an organization is able to effectively manage its resources-people, technology and processes-then it is able to perform at its highest and most effective levels.

A large part of staying organized is due to managing time. The organization’s resources are efficiently managed and things are handled efficiently because there are fewer interruptions. Time management is not only applicable in the workplace but in school as well. In a digital learning environment, time management is crucial to the success of most students. This is because students are constantly being bombarded by emails, text messages, instant messaging, web surfing and other types of distractions that take precious time that should be spent on more important tasks.

Technology has its place in the workplace and in education, just as it does in the home-just not when it comes at the expense of organization skills. A digital learning system that is properly integrated with a work schedule can help kids be more organized with regards to school and work-related tasks. Technology allows for to-do lists, project calendars, meal planning, homework assistance and much more.

To help kids better organize their lives, the Microsoft Office Online calendar for iPhone and iPad is an excellent solution. The calendar is easy to use and offers many customizable features. Some of the features include a to-do list, task manager, email alerts, a mobile version of the Outlook app, Microsoft SharePoint services, and photo courtesy. All of these features make it extremely easy for kids to manage their daily activities using an iPhone or iPad, no matter what they are doing.

If your kid has a lot of school work to do and little free time, you might want to consider integrating his or her school tasks app with the Windows Mobile Time Management app. The two apps can easily be used together and provides information such as which apps a student has open, their daily task list, and what they need to get done tomorrow. The iPhone app uses real time information and the data collected can be imported into the Microsoft Outlook calendar, allowing students to see what needs to be done and when. This app also offers students the option of sending email directly from the calendar. With the integration, students can schedule their appointments, view their tasks, and print their worksheets all from their phone.

Technology is wonderful and can really help children be more organized, but it must be used wisely so that it does not become a distraction. It is never too early to start integrating technology into a child’s life; after all, he or she will one day grow up and read email and text messages. However, for now, let technology give your kids a way to organize their life by making their daily to-dos manageable, prioritized, and spam-resistant. After all, your child needs to learn how to stay organized not only for school but also for the future.