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Evaluating the Best Stairlift Brands

There are a variety of brands to pick from when looking for an Stairlift. They include Bruno, Sesame Access and Brooks and Sesame Access and Sesame Access. These brands have been in business for a number of years and have a proven track record of providing secure and comfortable access to stairs.

AmeriGlide Horizon

The AmeriGlide Horizon Plus Stair Lift is a top stairlift that provides safety, comfort and flexibility. It offers a wide variety of seating options that allow users to move more freely and still be able to access all levels of their home.


There are numerous factors to consider when selecting a staircase lift. For instance, you will need be aware of the size of your staircase, as well as the weight it is expected to carry. For staircases that are curved you may want to consider the curved stairlift from Bruno. These stairlifts are less bulky than other stairlifts, making them easy to install. Furthermore, stairlifts prices offer a limited lifetime warranty.

Sesame Access

The SesameAccess brand was established to make buildings and their residents as accessible as is possible. The company works with architects and customers to identify the most suitable solutions. Then, it produces customized components in accordance with the design.


Brooks stairs are designed with safety in mind. Every Brooks stairlift is fitted with a seatbelt that provides safety. They’re usually constructed with a color scheme that is two-tone and can blend into your existing decor.


If you’re searching for the most reliable stairlift company, Savaria has many models to pick from. They are associated with mobility aids and accessibility, having been in operation for more than 40 years. Their high-quality stairlifts are built to last and are backed with excellent customer service.

Ascent Mobility

Ascent Mobility is a company based in Denver, Colorado that began manufacturing stairlifts back in 2008. Ascent Mobility also manufactures wheelchair ramps, vertical lifts, accessible bathrooms, and vehicle lifts. Ascent offers a variety of stairlifts in straight and curved models. The warranty covers the workmanship for 90 days after installation. Batteries and parts are covered for one year.