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Monthly archives: May, 2022

Agile Onboarding’s Applicant Tracking System Helps Recruiters Simplify the Hiring Process

Agile Onboarding's Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software program that helps recruiters manage the application process and track candidates’ progress. Some systems integrate with free job boards and portals, while others require an application. Many employers choose to post open positions internally, but they don’t always make the most of free online tools. Indeed, for …

The Benefits of Dog Fences With GPS

wirless gps dog collar

You should know that dog fences with GPS come with a lot of features. Not only are they a training device for dogs off leash, but they alo offer safety and protection for your precious pooch. Here are some of these features of a GPS dog fence which is essential for any dog: Features Dog …