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Agile Onboarding’s Applicant Tracking System Helps Recruiters Simplify the Hiring Process

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software program that helps recruiters manage the application process and track candidates’ progress. Some systems integrate with free job boards and portals, while others require an application. Many employers choose to post open positions internally, but they don’t always make the most of free online tools. Indeed, for instance, reports over 250 million unique users every month. Using an ATS to connect with job portals, social media sites, and referral systems helps employers reach candidates where they are already – online.

Walmart technologists worked for four years with a third-party vendor to develop a new applicant tracking system. The rollout was delayed by four weeks, as a third-party vendor failed to deliver the desired results. When asked why the project was delayed, senior director of software engineering for global talent systems, Katie Taylor, found that the system was not scalable at all – beyond 300 stores. Instead, Taylor analyzed operational KPIs and system performance data and determined that the project was doomed to fail.

In addition to helping recruiters streamline the hiring process, an applicant tracking system can also help employers improve their compliance and productivity. By streamlining hiring processes, an applicant tracking system helps employers connect with more qualified candidates and leave candidates feeling special. Agile Onboarding’s support staff is readily available to help businesses navigate the application process. They also offer consultations and demonstrations of all software elements. A great applicant tracking system will simplify the hiring process and reduce time and costs associated with sourcing, screening, and onboarding.

Another advantage of an applicant tracking system is the ability to collaborate with team members. If you’re hiring for a senior position, it’s likely that you’ll need to hold more than one round of interviews. Using an ATS allows you to manage these meetings and sort the resumes. Ultimately, a more efficient hiring process will lead to positive candidate feedback and help your business establish itself as a desirable employer in the marketplace.

An applicant tracking system is a software solution that automates the hiring process online. It may be a standalone program, or part of a larger cloud-based HRIS. Basic ATS features include job posting, collaborative candidate review, applicant communication, and job offering tools. When combined with an applicant tracking system, an ATS can simplify the recruitment and hiring process. It will help recruiters focus on the most qualified candidates and streamline their efforts.

ATSs have many benefits. They help recruiters track candidates’ progress, save time, and reduce mistakes. For example, they let recruiters collaborate with candidates, and can automate the screening and communication process. With an applicant tracking system, recruiters can send pre-set emails to applicants to extend job offers and onboard new employees. By automating these processes, an applicant tracking system can save time, money, and energy. They can make more informed decisions about which candidates to interview and which ones to pass on.